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I got caught wearing my wife’s pantyhose.

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Tue Oct 06 2009, 06:42PM

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I got caught wearing my wife’s pantyhose.

What happened to me was both embarrassing and exciting at the same time. I did get caught by my wife wearing her pantyhose. I had taken a day off of work to get a few things done around the house that I was behind on. Things were going quite smoothly that day and I had completed most of my task before lunch time. I had gone to the bathroom and after I finished using the bathroom I noticed a pair of sheer suntan pantyhose on the floor.

My wife is a very sexy, long blonde hair stunner and wears high heels, skirts and pantyhose to work everyday. She keeps me thoroughly satisfied sexually and I love to make love to her. Seeing her pantyhose on the floor had just got me really turned on and I could only think about her wearing pantyhose at the office that moment and wish she was here at home to make love to her. I picked up the pantyhose and I could feel the soft silky nylon on my hands and I could see the shape of her foot in the pantyhose as they had dried from her sweat from the day before. I did not think I would do this but I was so turned on, I took a sniff of the foot in the pantyhose. The aroma was a combination of sweet, vinegary, dirty sock and leather smell that made my dick stand to full attention. I rubbed the pantyhose across my face imagining my wife rubbing her feet in my face the pantyhose were so soft on my face and the smells were so fascinating.

I took my clothes off to get comfortable and I went to her lingerie drawer to get another pair of pantyhose to try on. Slipping on her pantyhose was so thrilling and exciting. I could feel how sexy they made me feel and could only wonder how sexy she felt wearing pantyhose. I sat down in the closet and rubbed the dirty pair of pantyhose against my pantyhose covered legs, the sensations were making me so hard I was bursting through the pantyhose and I could see pre-cum seeping through the pantyhose. I found one of her high heels in the closet and put the toe end of the high heel on the tip of my dick the shoe was so stiff and tight as I pushed my cock deeper into the high heel. I pumped my pantyhose covered dick for several minutes with the shoe imagining that I was sticking my pantyhose covered dick into my wife’s pussy. I wrapped my hand around my pantyhose covered dick and rubbed the dirty pantyhose feet in my face, I would rub and squeeze my dick while brushing the pantyhose feet across my nose to take in the intoxicating scent of my wife sexy sweating feet.

I slipped my hand in to the other leg of the dirty pantyhose so that my hand was inside the foot of the pantyhose I rubbed it across my nose and down my neck to my nipples and I just let the sensation of the nylon rubbing on my nipple make me tingle all the way down to my dick. I moved my pantyhose covered hand down to my pantyhose covered dick and stroked and rubbed myself. I could feel this intense climax building as I was rubbing the other smelly pantyhose foot across my lips just under my nose taking in the sweet pantyhose smell all while looking at the high heel hanging on the tip of my hard cock.
I was stroking and ready to burst, I could visually see the cum coming out of the tip of my dick and seeping through the pantyhose and I heard “what are you doing!!” I had lost complete track of time and there was my wife home from work standing at the closet door looking at me, I am naked with a pair of her pantyhose on and a pair of her dirty pantyhose on my hand in my face and her high heel hanging on my dick. I was speechless for a moment and I let her know I was really horny and seeing her dirty pantyhose on the floor turned me on.

I was embarrassed wearing the other pair and was not sure what to tell her about that. She told me to stand up and she took one look at me and she grabbed my dick through the pantyhose. She said next time you are going to jack off wearing my pantyhose you get my permission. She guided me by the dick out of the closet out to the bedroom floor and made me lay down on the floor at the foot of the bed. She sat at the end of the bed and slipped off her sexy black leather high heels. She started rubbing her pantyhose clad foot against my pantyhose covered dick and put her other pantyhose clad foot in my face. She said “is this what you were thinking about while you were stroking your cock in my pantyhose” yes I said. Do you like this? I will teach you not to wear my pantyhose again without my permission she said. She was rubbing her foot on my cock so hard and rubbing my face I was feeling a huge climax coming on.

She said “come on you little pantyhose bitch lets see what you were going to do to my pantyhose”. I could not stand it any more the scent coming from her moist sweaty pantyhose feet and the leather all rubbing in my face was throwing me over the edge, she pressed her foot hard and rubbed harder. My body tensed up and I began to burst and shot loads of cum, I felt it shoot through the pantyhose on to my belly and it covered her pantyhose covered foot. The rubbing of her foot became smoother as it got slicker from the pantyhose being saturated with my cum. It was pure excitement and such an incredible feeling of pleasure. I was so happy that she did this and was not totally freaked from seeing me in the closet wearing her pantyhose and smelling her dirty pantyhose. My punishment for the night was giving her a pantyhose foot massage for the rest of the night. Little did she know this was not punishment for me.

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